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Madonna’s Tour Truck Overturned in Europe

Madonna Tickets

Madonna Tickets

Madonna Tour Possibly Delayed – Guy on the Corner Tickets


Madonna has been creating a stir as she travels across Europe this summer. Early in the tour it was brought to everyone attention that Madonna had a DNA sterilization team with her at every show. The team would clean the dressing rooms leaving no trace of the material girl. This may sound odd to you, but to Madonna it all makes perfect sense, she doesn’t want anyone to clone her…

However, things took a tragic turn this week when a Tour vehicle turned over damaging the tours sound equipment and at least one person. It is still unclear the extent of the damage and how long if at all the tour will be delayed. The police report said three cars were damaged and equipment was thrown from the truck across the street. The good news is no one was killed.

Madonna returns to the states soon for a North American Tour, as always you can get Madonna Tickets in our Online Ticket Store.


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