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Metallica Release Tour Video, and Sunglasses

Metallica Tickets

Metallica Tickets

Metallica Sunglasses cost more than Metallica tickets – Guy on the corner Tickets


Metallica has finally released video from Download festival, last june in the UK. The video shows some back stage tour room clips, as well as a performance of the song “One” which was the highlight of the said said many Metallica Ticket holders.

During the festival Metallica played “The Black Album” straight through, all twenty songs. While all this was going on James Hetfield had teamed up with Sutro Eyeware to create custom sunglasses, named JH Sutro Sunglasses. These are no ordinary glasses they deature Sutro’s signature 3Click Hinge and Zeiss optics

James Hetfield says the glass a built to look fast and handle the life of a road dog such as himself.  The asking price is $219.99 which is more than Metallica Concert Tickets!

Metallica Canadian Tour Dates

Metallica Tickets Edmonton AB 8/17/2012

Metallica Tickets Vancouver BC 8/24/2012

Metallica Tickets Vancouver BC 8/25/2012