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NCAA 2012 Top 10 Preview

NCAA Football tickets

NCAA Football tickets

Top 10 NCAA Football Picks and Tickets – Guy on the corner Tickets

With the 2012 season rapidly approaching Guy on the corner Tickets is having some fun and putting out our projections for the top 10 teams overall as well as our recommended teams to see at home if you ever have the chance.

Our top 10 overall looks something like this;

1. Louisiana State
2. Alabama
3. Southern California
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma
6. Oregon
7. Stanford
8. South Carolina
9. Arkansas
10. Oklahoma State

Now our next list is more of a niche list. We complied this list based on our customers reviews and personal experiences while attending a game, the venue, or just the atmosphere of a home game. Now granted there are some obvious ones left out and there may be some on the list you wouldn’t imagine.  However, we sell tickets to any event our customers want, we have access to every NCAA College Football Game Ticket in the country so as expected it doesn’t have to be in the spotlight to be great.

In no particular order our list of Guy on the Corner ticket’s “Must Buy College Football Tickets”

1. Arkansas Football Tickets

2. South Carolina Football  Tickets

3. Michigan Football Tickets

4.Notre Dame Football Tickets

5.Utah Football Tickets

6. West Virgina Football Tickets

7. Oklahoma Football Tickets

8. Ohio State Football Tickets

9. Georgia Football Tickets

10. TCU Football Tickets


As usual we have tickets to every NCAA College Football game on our Online Ticket Store, Guy on the corner tickets. If you want Season Tickets, or just one game, then check out our inventory, or get in touch with us we can  get you  your seats!