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Phish Plays Rare Set During Two Show Run

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Phish rolled into Jones Beach Amphitheater last night to start a two show set. The set was jam heavy as per usual however it featured some rare cover versions of songs not performed in over twenty-years. The first note worthy addition was Little Feat’s “Skin it Back”. The last time Phish Played “Skin it Back” was 88′.

A few songs into the set Phish reached into their hats again and pulled out  The Beatles “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. This wasn’t as far as a reach but close, 1994 was the last time they performed this song in front of Ticket Holders.

However, Phish did not disappoint the jam fans either. One of the main reasons people buy Phish Concert Tickets is to watch the band improve or “jam”. Phish Stretched several songs including “Sand” and “Golden Age” over ten-minutes.

This Phish Tour is shaping up to be extraordinary, as always you can get Phish Tickets in our Online Ticket store.


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