Goodbye BCS, College Football Implements Four Team Play Off

Guy on the corner College Football Tickets

Guy on the corner College Football Tickets

College Football Play-off, New for 2014 – Guy on the Corner Tickets

It does not matter if your on a baseball diamond, in a pool, or at a bowling alley. Playoffs have crowned the champion in nearly every college sport, besides football. That single exception was true up until this past week. In 2013 the BCS will dissolve, and a four team play off of the top conferences will replace it.

Four years fans cries have fallen on deaf ears from decision makers, who said it would take away from the importance of the regular season.  Under the idea that even one loss could put a team completely  out of the running for a national title.

However, things change, twelve university presidents in a row stood upon a stage in Washington, DC and delivered the news.  Bill Hancock Executive Director of the BCS said ” its a great day for college football.”  this was the culmination of  the last 6 months of process. But there is still a lot of work to do and many details to iron out, such as exactly will be on the committee and what, if any new bowls will need to be created for the formation of the semi final round. It is also undecided how the College Football Tickets will be distributed.

The down side is fans will have to wait till 2014 to get their first taste of this new format. Luckily, Fall is fast approaching and there will be plenty of College Football Tickets out there to keep them busy.


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